Samsung has enjoyed unprecedented success in the mobile market with the launch of the newest addition to its popular Galaxy range of smartphones, the Galaxy S4. However, the dynamics seem to be on the verge of change since Apple Inc. has just announced the latest flagship model, the iPhone 5S. The new smartphone is expected to sport a host of attractive features that will surely give the Galaxy S4 a run for its money.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5S


The surface appearance of the Galaxy S4 bears similarity with Apple iPhone 5S at first glance. However, a closer inspection of the two models reveals some glaring differences. Users will find it easier to handle the iPhone 5S with one hand since the phone measures a mere 2.31 inches in thickness and weighs 3.95 ounces. On the other hand, the Galaxy S4 is basically large enough to be categorized as a phablet. The screen size of the device measures exactly 5.38 inches and in terms of weight, it is 4.6 ounces.


The Galaxy S4 smartphone from Smartphone emerges as the clear winner in terms of display. The phone sports a 5 inch display with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. This is highly advanced in comparison to the 4 inch screen of the Apple 5S with a pixel resolution of 1136 X 640. The Galaxy S4 is even capable of delivering a better screen performance due to denser 441 pixels every inch against the 326 pixels per inch display of the iPhone 5S. The addition of the PenTile pixel arrangement in the Samsung Galaxy S4 makes it even more lucrative to mobile users. The iPhone 5S seems to lack this feature and its display suffers as a result.


Internal and external memory happens to be one of the primary considerations of mobile users for purchasing a smartphone. The iPhone offers a lot of variety in this aspect as it is available in the market in three different capacities ā€“ 16 GB, 32 GB as well as 64 GB. If users choose to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4, they have to make do with limited choices since there is no model in the range with 64 GB storage. However, users can extend the memory of the phone via the microSD card slot present underneath the batter cover. The S4 supports microSD memory cards in size up to 64 GB.

Operating System

The iPhone 5S will be launched by Apple Inc. with the newest iOS 7. The operating system modifies the most popular features of the Android OS to deliver an enhanced user experience. The Galaxy S4, on the other hand, comes preloaded with version 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) of the Android OS. The iOS 7 will be available as a free upgrade to existing users of iOS devices.


In terms of performance, it is not exactly fair to pit the Apple 5S against the Galaxy S4 since the performance of the 5Sā€™ CPU is not known at the moment. However, it has been confirmed that the smartphone will sport the first 64 bit CPU in a smartphone. The Galaxy S4 comes bundled with the usual 1.9 GHz, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor.

The iPhone 5S may come equipped with several interesting new specifications but in the long run, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will emerge victorious due to its superior properties and ease-of-use.