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Travelling is an important part of your business. If you have Windows 8 in any of your portable device, then trust me, you are going to have a hassle free experience abroad. You do not need to know the language or the currency conversion rates or travel with a map, all over. All you can do is have the below apps, handy-dandy in your smartphone or tablet that runs on Windows 8.  

Windows 8


XE Currency- Easy currency converter!

XE Currency is the most handy currency conversion utility of Windows 8. If you are into a business that requires lot of travelling, then this app is a must-have one. The interface is too easy to use. Feed the amount that you want to convert, and click the ‘convert’ button. You will have the monetary value, instantly.

WorldMate- Get rid of travel agents!

WorldMate is the app that could lead to the extinction of travel agents. You don’t have to hire any travel agent, to book or cancel your flight tickets. Also, booking of hotels will be done using this app, directly from the phone. You have a personal travel assistant in the form of WorldMate app.


Inrix Traffic- Doesn’t let you be late!

If you are rushing for a meeting with your boss and you get into traffic, then nothing could be more frustrating than this. It is, then, Inrix Traffic will help you out. It will bring on the other routes, which are traffic-free along with the clear route details. You can estimate the time you will take to reach home, by taking into account all the motoring activities on your way.

Photobucket- Manage your photos and videos!

Photo & video sharing got better, with Photobucket app in Windows 8 that has been optimized and free for the users. Upload, edit, tag and share your photos and videos with friends in your circle. You can create your own profiles and portfolios, and share with others.


LivingSocial- Know the best deal!

Gone are those days when you had to go to the restaurants or stores, to know the deals they offer. LivingSocial lets you know the best deal, they offer in the restaurants or stores nearby. Also, if you’re skeptical about carrying your credit card for the purchase or dining, you can very well make the payment online via LivingSocial app, in advance. 

Translator Free- Acquire fluency in foreign language!

Translator Free is the app that could be extensively used, when you’re on a foreign tour. Just Google’s name has not been given to it, but it translates text to the language of your choice, similar to what Google Translator does.

These are the apps that will make your travelling experience easy and great!
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