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App developers continuously look for new ideas so that they can attract consumers. On the other hand, customers are also waiting for the next great app, thus making it an excellent partnership. The App store touches very many things including your car. Numerous iPhone apps including tools to help in tracking the fuel economy have been developed so as to make you feel satisfied and enjoy your ride.

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The following are the top 10 automotive apps for you iPhone


1. Dynolicious ($12.99)

Various publications such as New York Times , Road & Track and Car & Driver have featured and given rave reviews of this app. Dynolicious measures several performance metrics including horsepower and quarter mile times. In addition, it stores the performance history of your car, keeps a log for comparison at a later time and can be used to post results to Twitter, Facebook and other social media.
2. AccuFuel($0.99)
This app will track your car’s consumption of fuel. In addition, AccuFuel will rate fuel consumption in liters-per-100 kilometers as well as in miles per gallon. It can track several cars at the same time.

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3. Rev($39.99)

This is an iPhone app that provides you with real-time data on your device through an accessory cable. Rev performs a whole lot of tasks including monitoring emission , taking care of codes generated by the car when the “check engine ” light comes on and monitoring the level of fuel . Though Rev is not cheap, you will find it worth especially if you are an enthusiast of automotives.

4. DMC Speedometer ($0.99)

This app is an iPhone’s working speedometer that works along with GPS so as to provide you with your actual speed. DMC Speedometer imitates the renowned DeLorean speedometer.

5. Garage Buddy ($0.99)

Garage buddy gives you with any repair related advice and provides tools that you’ll need to measure or calculate anything related to the car and repairs. It has all the charts and calculators you will ever need when repairing your car.

6. Fuzzy Car ($4.99)

Fuzzy Car decodes errors that the check engine produces by using an OBD-2 scanner. In addition, this app will give you the fuel consumption and miles per gallon numbers.

7. Fuzzy Code (Free)

This iPhone app is just an option for the Fuzzy Car if you probably have bought an OBD-2 scanner at the vehicle parts shop in your community. Where you have to go to the library of buy the repair manual for your car, Fuzzy Code will provide the information by deciphering the codes.

8. gMeter($8.99)

gMeter measures engine power, distance covered and velocity among others by using the accelerometer of your iPhone. It can provide you with the ¼ mile.


9. iCar App(Free)

In case your car is stolen, iCar App will help you get it back by using the GPS of your ride so as to locate it. It can also send you the location of your car via email. This app also helps you to know if you are that you are running out of your parking meter.



10. iSpeedCam World ($2.99)

iSpeedCam World was released recently and can be adjusted to suit your needs. It promises GPS tracking, traffic cameras and speed trap alerts among other things.

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