Asus, the Taiwanese electrical and computer hardware company is famous for manufacturing laptops, desktops, monitors, mobile phones, servers, motherboards, PC’s, servers and video cards. This company ranks the fifth largest in the world as a PC vendor. A video of the all new Memo Pad 10 from Asus was leaked online. The video allowed having a sneak peek of the 10-inch tablet, which is unannounced by the company till date.


Asus MeMo Pads

Experts speculate that the Asus Memo Pad 10 will feature in the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain during February. The video reveals that Memo Pad 10, the all new gadget is similar to its younger brother Asus Memo Pad 7 except for its size. It weighs about 580 grams and is expected to hit the market in attractive colors like pink, white, gray and blue combo.

Notable Features

Asus Memo Pad 10 sports some interesting features, and we were lucky to get some details on it.
  • 4.1 Android Jelly Bean operating system
  • NVIDIA Tegra 3 1.2GHz quad-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB of internal storage space
  • MicroSD card
  • 10.1 inch LCD LED display with about 1280/800 pixels
  • Rear camera of 5 megapixels and a front camera of 1.2 megapixels
  • Bluetooth
Android Jelly Bean

This is a fast and smooth version of Android, which is great at providing a wonderful search experience. Switching between screens and apps can be done with less effort. It is as simple as turning the pages in a book. Jelly Bean is the popular operating system and Asus can take pride in using this operating system for its Memo Pad 10.

NVIDIA Tegra 3 1.2GHz quad-core processor

There is no doubt that the Tegra 3 processor is one of the best to deliver high performance while playing video and audio. It also plays a major role in consuming less power. However, the absence of Tegra 4 quad-core processor is a huge disappointment. Tegra 4 is predicted to perform six times faster than Tegra3, which could have turned as a great selling point for Asus.

Internal Storage

The 16GB of internal storage space sounds reasonable but will remain insufficient for active users of the device. This model might allow around 11-12 GB of internal memory for apps. When considering the fact that apps cannot be stored on an external memory space in Jelly Bean OS, the Memo Pad sounds less than satisfying.

However, looking at it as a budget friendly device, the features of the Memo Pad is readily acceptable. The pricing of the Memo Pad 10 is not yet confirmed and it is predicted to be priced around $399. If you try remembering some gadgets of the past, the Memo Pad 10 will look similar to the ‘Transformer Pad Prime’ but heavily built.

Asus Memo Pad 10 has already gone viral via a short video. The price of the gadget is convincing and I guess it will take the market by storm.

Author’s Bio: Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for – The Lowest-Priced Satellite TV in America. dish network.