There are various smartphones available in the market like iPhone5, Samsung galaxy S3, Motorola Droid, LG Optimums G, Google Nexus 4, HTC OneX, and Sony Xperia. Many users will be in dilemma in choosing the best phone that runs on the latest operating system. The prominent Apple brand uses its self-designed iOS operating system that provides bets quality and performance. Android also has its own demand in the market which is stated as the best operating system suitable for the mobile devices that offers greater speed and flexibility. Both of these mobile platforms are well known for its performance. In order to decide which is the best let’s focus on the following details
ios6 Vs Android


  • iOS is known for its simplicity. No other OS in the market can beat iOS in this perspective. Operations are performed quickly without any hurdles. You can surf the web at high speeds and can download the apps instantly.
  • This OS runs on the Apple designed hardware system. It is rated as the reliable operating system among all the mobile platforms which secures your data from hardware and software failures. This makes it as the perfect handset for customers.
  • Performance is the major factor which makes iOS as the unique competitor to other mobile devices. This boost the device speed which instantly loads the games, apps and web pages. As it runs on its own hardware design there is no chance of data leakage.
  • iOS has rich features. There are numerous apps available on the app store related to business, health, fitness, finance etc. This Smartphone is popular for its apps that have various developers to design paid and free applications.


  • Doesn’t support maps in offline mode
  • Variable compatibility
  • Limited choices for selecting the themes
  • Unused lock screen
  • Notifications need additional functionalities.


It has been proved as the perfect operating system for the mobile handsets because of the following reasons

  • Android is the open source software which automatically gets updated with the launch of new features
  • It offers user-friendly interaction which helps the customer to understand the things better
  • Unlike other operating systems which contains the fixed apps and softwares customers using Android can install various apps and softwares from the Google play
  • Majority of android apps are available for free of cost compared to the iPhone
  • Flexibility to customise the widgets
  • It supports different languages, several cameras, 2D and 3D graphics
  • Offers great social network communications
  • Fragmentation is the major issue in android devices. Different phone supports different versions. Gingerbread took nearly six months to reach the mobile handsets because of the fragmented nature of android
  • Overheating
  • Recovery is problematic
  • Lacks in management
  • Compatibility


Siri Vs Google Now:
With the launch of iOS 6, a significant improvement can be noticed in terms of performance of Apple’s Siri. It can make a reservation in your favourite restaurant and would let you know the movie being played in your local theatre. While Google goes a step further, it scans your local calendar and let you know regarding your appointments and timings.

In terms of stability and robustness of mobiles, Apple has an upper hand. The OS is stable and the performance does not degrade with the passage of time and installation of other application. However, with Android, it is a major problem as the waiting time for the application to respond increases when a number of other applications are installed. Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note users have reported problems with the device restart several times. Though it might be a problem with the device and not with Android.

Android Market is a common place for all Android based users to download apps. Here, anyone can upload an Android based app and it is not verified by Google. Google has left that decision up to the mobile user. Upon downloading, the app shows a list that requires permission to access info and data in order to run properly. It is up to the user to provide permission or delete the app. In the Apple’s own App Store the process is entirely different. Instead of just testing for software bugs, unauthorized protocols and instability of the OS, they also focus on protecting privacy and to avoid apps that reduce the iOS experience.

Apple recently introduced the Maps feature in their iOS devices but it has a long way to go. Google is undoubted market leader with Cycling Maps, Terrain Map and Transit Maps which is currently not a feature in Apple Maps. Google provides a better overall package whereas Apple feels like a less-mature product.

Keyword offered by iOS6 is easy to use but with Android you have the flexibility of using different keyboard styles.

iPhone doesn’t support this feature while Android does flashing.

Android users can see the new mails, messages etc. with the help of notification bar which is not present in iOS.

Third Part Application:
Third party apps can be installed with Android OS and also has the flexibility of deleting the unwanted applications. This is not possible in case of iOS. Though it carries both pros and cons. Third party applications may compromise on the security and performance of your device.

Other Features
Gmail, YouTube, Google talk, Maps are designed perfectly in Android where as Apple mail client will not support full-fledged Gmail features.

Both the platforms have their pros and cons. Go through its features and select the one which interests you. Smartphones which runs on these operating systems are very expensive. If you run short of money to buy those smartphones apply for payday loans that offers instant cash without any credit check. The amount will be transferred to the account within 24 hours.

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