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Weight Loss mesures
Everyone in life desires to be happy, healthy, and fit – but some of us are just too busy to take the time out of our days to do so. In my recent quest to lead a more healthful life I have found the one constant thing I always have on my person is my iPhone – and with the iPhone comes many apps that can help you with everything from exercise to food tracking. Here are two of the best apps I’ve found to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

loseit appsThe LoseIt! App by FitNow is a free app that offers the user a wealth of tools right at your fingertips. There are three different ways to view your day, in My Day you can easily view your daily calorie budget, your Food Calories Consumed, and Exercise Burned, your Net Calories So Far Today, as well as how many more calories you are allowed to consume for the day.
the Loseit appsIn the Log you can add in your food and exercise for the day.  When adding in your daily foods you can search a huge bank of foods by brand, keyword, or restaurant, choose from previous meals, create a new food with nutrition information, or select a recipe you have created. Under the Goal tab you can choose your customized weight loss plan if you desire to lose 1 or 2lbs per week or simply maintain your current weight. You can also input your weight as frequently as you’d like – be it once per week or daily, and LoseIt! displays a wonderful graph of your progress.
You can create a free LoseIt! Account to access even more free tools under the More tab if you desire, and you can link to your Facebook account to share your accomplishments with friends. They also have a new “Badge” system similar to FourSquare where you can get badges for utilizing the app and reaching your goals, which is a great motivational tool to keep you coming back every day.
C25K appThe C25K – 5K Trainer App by Zen Labs is another great application designed to take you from couch potato to running a 5K in only 8 weeks. While the free version is great it does have an annoying banner ad at the bottom that can get in the way sometimes when trying to select the music controls or settings. You can choose to purchase the app for a mere $1.99 to eliminate the banner ad and the pop-up ad that comes at the end of the workout. This app eases you into running for longer periods of time by signaling you with voice, beeps, and colors. You can select the volume of the voice, whether or not you wish to have the voice or beeps, if you want the Tips screen to pop up, and if you want user interface sound effects, all while allowing you to workout to your own music if you so choose. It also gives you a 5 minute warm up period, a 20 minute jog/walk period, and another 5 minutes at the end of your workout to cool down and stretch. This is definitely a great app to check out if you are just starting to get active or wanting to run in a 5K. Zen Labs also has free apps available to help you train for a 10K, 15K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon.
There is a wide expanse of apps available for those looking to lead a healthy lifestyle, but these two have proven to be very useful in my personal journey to good health. I hope they help you, as well!