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With the continual up gradation and sophistication of digital cameras, the image size of the captured photograph is growing rapidly. A typical 12 MP digital camera produces an image size of around 4.5 MB. The user is excited with the quality of the image produced by the digital camera, but when it comes to sharing it online, it is a challenge.  Storage now a days is not a big issue as the computers are now equipped with terabytes of storage space and when you run out of it, you can very easily either upgrade it or use an external storage. But when it comes to sharing the image online on Facebook or with your friends and families via email, you face a problem due to email size limitation of your email service provider, bandwidth usage limits, takes time to upload and download etc.

reduce imageDigital Sensushas worked out a very effective way to overcome all these problems. The trick reduces the image size by 95% thereby making it ideal for sharing through email and other social medias. There are various measure available to reduce image size and Fileminimizer is one of the excellent free utility to achieve the desired results. Follow the instruction mentioned below :

    reduce image size
  1. Open your browser (internet explorer, chrome, firefox etc) and go to
  2. In the download menu select FileMinimizer Picture Free
  3. The program will automatically start downloading
  4. When the programs gets downloaded, click on the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions to get it installed
  5. Once the installation is over, open the program by using the shortcut created on the desktop or through start menu
  6. Click on settings
  7. The first tab item is settings which indicated what you want to do with the original files and resized files. We recommend keeping the setting as it is in order to preserve your original image for later usage. You can indicate the naming extension of the new files created.
  8. Go to Setting For Images tab and remove “Allow Image to be resized” checkbox to prevent physical size of the image from being reduced.
  9. You can also indicate the output folder where the new image files will be stored. To do so, go to “Output Folder” in the next tab and indicate the folder and location.
  10. Now click OK and come out to the main screen
  11. Now let’s use an over-sized image to reduce its size. Identify an image which you want to compress
  12. Click on add to list and select the file and when you are done, click on Optimize File button
  13. When the compression is done, you can view the optimized image by going to the output folder (which you indicated in the settings screen). Here you can compare your original file with the optimized file and you would notice the image has been compressed by more than 90% while the quality is comparable.

In my case, i used an image of size 4.86 MB and used the utility to optimize the image. Yo my surprise  the optimized file was having a size of 182 KB while the image quality was fantastic. The best part is when the optimized file is send to other location, it works as a standard image file and open with any image program. FileMinimizer program is not requiredto open the file. The program works for a single file as well as for multiple file for batch processing. You can also email the optimized image or upload the same on Facebook from the program itself.