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There are many simple ways that you can do to prevent laptop overheating, and you don’t even need fancy gadget add-ons for it. All it takes is a little resourcefulness for you to make sure the cooling fan is able to do its job. 
The problem of overheating is not something to be shrugged off. Those who have had the unfortunate experience will tell you that it can pose some serious damage to your hard drive. Now, unless you have cash ready on hand to replace your laptop with, you wouldn’t want to fall as its next victim.
Overheating is usually caused by the inability of the laptop to let off its steam. Where there is power, there is heat. Where there is heat, there should be a way out for the heat, otherwise, the entire system inside will get fried. If cars do overheat, what more for laptops, right?
To prevent laptop overheating, make sure that the cooling fan is not blocked. This is usually found at the bottom of the laptop, which makes it prone to being blocked off. Putting it flat against a surface traps the heat in between, and because the computer continues to generate more heat, they just pile up inside until the machine gives.
What you can do is to first make sure that you keep your laptop in a cool, dry place. Put it under a shade if it must sit right next to the window. If your room has air-conditioning, that’s going to be a huge help, too. If not, however, use a cooling pad or tray. These provide stability at a slightly tilted angle to allow the heat to pass through.
It’s also fairly common for people to use their laptops in their beds. To prevent laptop overheating in those scenarios, make sure to again use cooling trays or mats. Don’t use a pillow or blanket under it, because then it’s a sure way to catch disaster. Because pillows and blankets do not resist the weight of the laptop when pressed against it, it simply suffocates the cooling fan, so to speak, thereby resulting to overheating. It may even start a fire, if you’re not careful.
If you’re not content with the performance of your cooling fan anymore, check it out; maybe it just needs some cleaning. If it really is a quality service issue, maybe it’s time to get replaced. Whatever it may be, being able to prevent laptop overheating is important, so don’t set it aside for later.
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