rupee Symbol
₹ symbol has been in existence from a long time but people still use the regular Rs. term to indicate Indian Rupee. The main reason for this is difficult in finding the required font and not comfortable in using them. Digital Sensus provide you with an easy way to configure your computer one time and use a dedicated keyboard shortcut to use the ₹ symbol at your convenience. Please note that this shortcut can be used in Windows 7 OS and beyond.

Now follow this link which will take you to Microsoft Support Page. Locate the update which corresponds to your operating system and download the update. Restart the system when done and follow the steps below. 

You can also follow the video version of this tutorial here or at the bottom of this page.

Go to Control Panel, Locate Clock, Language and Region section and select Change keyboard and other input method (if you have category wise view of the control panel)

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control panel
In case you use regular icon wise view of the control panel, locate Region and Language Option
region and Language
Select Keyboard and Languages tab and click Change Keyboards button
Change Keyboard
Click ‘Add’ button on “Text services and Input Languages” screen
Input Languages
Go to English (India) and select ‘Show More’
Show more
Select ‘India’ Select ‘OK’ to all other dialog boxes
Click OK and come to the desktop.
In the taskbar, you will find an additional item indicated with “EN” Click on it and select “English (India)”.
change language
Now Open Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Notepad etc. and you can use the Rupee Symbol (₹) by pressing combination of Right Alt key + 4 as shown in the below keyboard.
Check-out the video below for an easy configuration